Sociology 131
Movie Analysis: My Fair Lady

Kerry A. Rockquemore
Henry Ford Community College

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Below are terms/ideas that we have discussed in class and/or in your textbook. Select five of the following tems to use for your movie analysis.



LIZA (Eliza Doolittle): Flower girl from the LOWER CLASS of London

PROF HENRY HIGGINS: Lower nobility who has taken socio-linguistic as an avocation.

COLONEL PICKERING: Another socio-linguist from Inja, don't ja know.

Ms. PIERCE: Housekeeper for Higgins

FREDDY: Penniless suitor for Liza after she becomes a 'lidy'

DOOLITTLE: Part of the LUMPEN-PROLETARIAT/undeserving poor who becomes a world class philsopher and a reluctant part of the middle class. Also Liza's father

ZOLTAN: Hungarian socio-linguist and former student of Higgins


Pymalion Studies...

Various Symbol these change for Liza as Higgins SOCIALIZES her to the UPPER CLASS...body talk, clothing, voice, behavior.


Ideological Hegemony

Definition of the Situation

Significant Other

Primary Group/Secondary Group

Class Structure: Upper, Middle, Lower, Underclass aka Bourgeosie, Petite Bourgeosie, Proletariat, Lumpen-Proletariat

Demoralization/Degredation of self system


Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Social Power and Gender Inequality/Class who has power

Social Control/Social Sanction

Looking Glass Process


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