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The Time Bind

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There's No Place Like Work
The New York Times Magazine Article by Aurlie Hochschild.
Aurlie Hochschild answers your questions about her research and the Time Bind
PBS Special:  An interview with sociologist Aurlie Hochschild
David Gergen speaks with sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild about the whirlwind 
workplace infringing on home life in her book The Time Bind: When Work Becomes 
home and Home Becomes Work. 
"Family Values" & the Shorter Work Week"
A Critical Book Review by Joanne Landy
Lies parents tell about why they work
Few topics are as important--and involve as much self-deception and dishonesty--as 
finding the proper balance between child-rearing and work
Fatherhood Project Home Page
Director Edward W. Pitt, M.S.W., Associate Director Jose Barbosa, M.S.W., Assistant 
Director for Training Purpose: The Fatherhood Project is a national research and education
program that is examining the future of fatherhood and developing ways to support men's 
involvement in childrearing. The Male Involvement Project: a national training initiative 
that helps Head Start and early.