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You should be prepared to answer all of these questions! Two will be asked on the exam.


1. What are the macro level trends in divorce in the United States? What factors are highly correlated with divorce? How do men, women and children experience divorce differently? Based on the video "An American Stepfamily", specify the micro-level difficulties experienced in reconstituted familes?


2. What are three types of "alternative" lifestyles? Choose one of these lifestyles and answer the following: 1) what are the historical macro level trends? 2) what are the unique micro-level patterns? and 3) how do the stereotypes stand up to empirical reality?

Lecture Notes

3. In what ways do conservative and progressive ideologies differ and what effect does that have on family policy? Choose one of the following policy arenas: reproductive rights, welfare, or working families. Discuss what strategies have been employed in the past and what directions may be taken in the future.