211 Woodward
Detroit, Mi 48201

Peter Mason (Department Director) or
Anita Sanko

Phone: 964-5070

     The Caregivers mission is to provide in-home services to enable
families and adults with social, emotional, and health problems to
live in an enivironment that enhances appropriate independence and
develops their potential for personal development.

     Funded by:  United Way Community Services, United Way of Oakland 
County, Michigan Family Independence Agency, Senior Alliance, Detroit
Area Agency (Region 1-B), Michigan Department of Community Health,
McGregor Fund, The Skillman Foundation, and Fees.


Need for student volunteers:  Yes

Days/hours needed:  8-hour days, 5 days a week

Number of students they can use:  5+ (depending on events)
Skills needed/Work description:  Sorting clothes for clients
                                 Cleaning facilities
                                 Fundraising (Selling Tickets)

Duration needed:  Can use for a whole semester.

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