Catholic Youth Organization

305 Michigan Avenue
9th Floor
Detroit, Mi 48226

Ms. Porter, or
Doris Pope-Moore (Lead Organizer)
Suzanne Heath (Directo of Youth & Community Services)

Phone:  (313) 963-7174
Fax:  963-7179

     Provides a variety of services to youth and adults with an emaphasis
on leadership development, youth and adult empowerment.  Operates primarily
through parrish structures and community facilities.

     Funded by:  United Way Community Services, Fees, Grants, and
Government Contracts.


Need for student volunteers:  Yes

Days/Hours needed:  Varied
                    Once a week on weekends

Number of students they can use:  Call Ahead

Skills needed/Work description:  Computer Skills
                                 Positive Role Models
                                 People Skills
                                 Working With Youth
                                 Supportive, not controlling
                                 English/Spanish Bilingual helps

Duration needed: Forever

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