Sociology 132

Marriage and Family

Kerry A. Rockquemore Henry Ford Community College

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Sociology 132 is a course intended to make the student more aware of the personal decisions one makes in life and of the cultural influences affecting decisions relating to family situations. Areas of discussion include definitions of marriage and the family, married partners as individuals, becoming partners, experiencing family commitment, changing commitments, and cross-cultural comparisons.

This section of the marriage and family course will make you aware intellectually, emotionally, and experientially of the social forces that impact your perceptions and behaviors involving marriage and the family. Teaching and learning in the context of this class will be multidimensional. You will learn about social forces through lecture, role play, simulation, movies, group-work, debate and individual fieldwork. Through these alternative pedagogical strategies, this class will work as a learning community to explore how the traditional American family is changing in function, organization, and perceived importance in the lives of people. Some feel the institution is endangered, but others see the changes as welcome adaptations to the times. Our objective is to examine the changes with a view toward understanding the social and/or structural forces behind them and the resultant social and personal problems.


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