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Wednesday, October 4th at 5:00pm in the Dean's Lounge - Lu Nahemow will give a talk entitled: "Travel around the World FREE with SERVAS". Refreshments will be served.

Research Updates are due on Monday!

If anyone has anything to give me today, give it to me now.

I will put in your folders today the outline of due dates for the research projects. They are up on the web but I want to be sure that people have some idea of the time schedule they are dealing with. The final paper is due on December 4th (not the last day of class or the day of finals). This is the Monday of the last full week of classes. I do this, not to torture you, but to enable you to finish the major assignment that you have for this course well before the deluge of final exams begins.
What will happen is that you will give your paper on December 4th and then provide an oral presentation to the class during that week.

On December 11th, that is the official last day of class, I am thinking we may hold an open house in the Dean's Lounge.

December 18th is the final exam day. Do we have to be here? Absolutely, yes. It will be our final cool down day, we will have evaluations, and we will have a very important evaluative exercise.