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You should be prepared to answer all three of these questions! I will select two of them for you to write on during the exam time.


1. What racial inequalities currently exist in the United States? What macro level factors contribute to the wealth inequalities that we observe between Blacks and Whites? What is Affirmative Action and how does the current debate over these policies illustrate the Frustration- Aggression (or scapegoating) explanation of prejudice?

Lecture Notes


2. What is the difference between sex and gender? What is gender stratification and what ideology underlies its existence? What is the second shift and why is it such a salient issue today as opposed to past periods in our history? In other words, what macro level change has problematized these micro-level interactions?

Lecture Notes


3. What are the different types of social movements and how does social change occur? Discuss the importance of charisma and how it was illustrated in the movie "No Easy Walk" (Eyes on the Prize Series). Take one theoretical perspective (functionalist, conflict, or interactionist) and thoroughly explain the events of the Civil Rights Movement depicted in the movie.