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Contract Students are required to sign a Student Contract, indicating they have read and understood what is expected of them.


Associate Degree Students work toward an Associate Degree with an Honors Concentration. An Associate Degree is often required to qualify for many valuable transfer scholarships. Also, transfer institutions prefer students to enter as juniors.


Faculty Mentors Each student is assigned a Faculty Mentor. Although mentors are not counselors, they have received training to help students get the most from their stay at HFCC. Mentors can also provide students with valuable insights in identifying appropriate transfer institutions and scholarships, as well as provide valuable guidance in the application process. Students are expected to meet with their assigned mentor at least twice per semester. At the end of each semester, Faculty Mentors submit a Performance Report on each of their students, recommending whether a student remains in good standing, is placed on probation, or terminated from the Program.


Transfer Seminar All Honors students and Henry Ford II scholars are required to attend the Transfer Seminar. Usually this occurs in their freshman year. The Seminar is held in the second half of the Fall semester for approximately 80 minutes on Thursday afternoons, beginning at 2:10 P.M. You will receive further information about the exact meeting time and location during the semester.


Drop Policy HFCC students may drop (withdraw) from any and all courses up to the end of the tenth week of the regular semester. Honors students and Henry Ford II Scholars should consult their Faculty Mentor prior to any decision to drop courses after the no-record drop daydeadline (see page 2 of the Class Schedule). You should know that at some transfer institutions a drop is treated as failed grade. A pattern of drops over several semesters will definitely raise eyebrows. This policy should not be taken to mean that the Honors Program is opposed to drops under all circumstances. It is important for you to maintain close contact with your Faculty Mentor.


Campus Activity All students are required to participate in an approved extracurricular campus activity. This requirement can be fulfilled by actively participating in any bona fide student club, or by participating in any of the following organizations or activities:

Campus Environment Restoration Project (C.E.R.T), Dr. Nabeel Abraham, 845-6460

HFCC Athletic Teams, contact coaches

Ice Carving Club, Chief Richard Teeple, 845-6391

Phi Theta Kappa, Dr. Nancy Nelson, 845-9715

Reading for the Blind, Katherine Grahl, Special Needs Dept., 845-6327

Student Ambassadorship, Constance Johnston, Enrollment Management 845-9710

Student Senate, 845-6446/6447

The Mirror (Student Paper), 845-9639

Theatrical or Musical Production (non-majors only); contact Performing Arts Dept.

Tutoring*, Katherine Grahl, Special Needs Dept., 845-6327 (*paid position)

(Peer Tutoring for Math 100 & below available on drop-in basis; contact L. Hensel, Math Dept., 845-6404; prerequisite -- Math 115)

WHFR Radio, 89.3FM, Susan McGraw, 845-9676.


Cultural Activities Students are strongly encouraged to attend cultural events (on and off campus) -- guest lectures, plays, concerts, art exhibitions -- by way of expanding their cultural horizons.


Letters of Recommendation Letters of recommendation should be requested from your Faculty Mentor. Letters of Recommendation from the Honors Program Director are given only upon the request of the Faculty Mentor, assuming the student is meeting all of the Program requirements


Exit Form Upon leaving the Program, students are required to fill out an Exit Form indicating which transfer institutions and scholarships they have applied to.


Waivers Waivers from Program requirements should be requested through Faculty Mentors.


Cause for Dismissal Causes for dismissal from the Honors/Henry Ford II Scholars Programs include, but are not limited to, failure to fulfill any requirements stated in this Policy statement, and/or violations of HFCC's "Policy on Academic Dishonesty (Cheating)," the "Student Code of Conduct," or College rules on the use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages and drugs on campus, as described under the "General Regulations" section in the College Catalog.


Honors Program Curriculum Requirements


Honors Program students follow a prescribed set of core courses and requirements. For example, all first-year students enroll in the Honors Colloquium (HON 131) as well as in Honors English 131 in the Fall semester. In the Winter semester they enroll in Honors Sociology 151, Honors English 132, in addition to taking other core requirements. Consult the curriculum guide for details. In their second year, Honors students must register for at least one Honors Directed Study (HON 231, 232, 233, 234). These are generic one credit hour courses, which students sign up for through the Director of the Honors Program.