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Intellectual Circles
Course Contract
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Course Contract

HDFR 290 Research Methods
University of Connecticut

E-Mail Address:___________________________________

I hope to achieve the following grade in this class (check only one).

A or B _______
C ______

If I have contracted for a grade of "A or B," I intend to complete the following (check only one option):

_____ Option A: Independent Research Project

Which field research project will you complete?

If you are working with a partner, print the partner's name below_______________________________________

_____ Option B: Intellectual Circles

_____ Option C: The Traditional Path (Mid-Term/Final Exam)

I fully and completely understand the work requirements necessary for obtaining the grade I have indicated above. I have fully read the syllabus and understand both the purpose and procedures of contract grading. I understand that in signing this grade contract, I may not renegotiate the contract if I change my mind about a project or the partner I have chosen to work with. I understand that if I should fail to complete any aspect of the basic requirements for the course (participation, and preparedness), I will have breached my contract, and my grade will be lowered ONE FULL LETTER for each of the requirements I have failed to fulfill.

_________________ (date) _____
Student Signature

Appendix C:
University of Connecticut
HDFR 290


I ____________________________________ acknowledge that I have read the entire course syllabus and fully understand the expectations for myself as a student in the course.

I understand that I must attend class, prepared to intelligently and respectfully discuss the required reading material, and participate in a meaningful and positive way (mentally and physically) in order to obtain a grade of "C." I understand that each of these three requirements (attendance, preparedness, and participation) will be measured and graded on a pass/fail basis and I understand that I must pass each of these requirements to earn a grade of "C". I understand that in order to earn a grade of "A" or "B" for the course, I must earn an "A" or "B" one of the following: 1) an independent research project, 2) a service learning project, or 3) two exams.

I fully understand why attendance for the course is mandatory and that if I miss more than three classes, I will be advised to drop the course to avoid a failing grade. If I decide for any reason to drop the class during the course of the semester, I agree to notify the Professor of my decision (in writing or by phone), although I am in no way obligated to disclose the reason for the drop. If I fail to drop the course before the official drop date and cease attending the course, I understand that I will receive a failing grade for the course.

I have read and understand the college's policy on academic dishonesty. I understand that any instance of cheating including, but not limited to, those specified in the student handbook, will result in automatic Failure of the course. I also understand that if my behavior is grossly inappropriate, as defined by my professor, I will be dropped from the course after a written warning detailing such behavior.

I agree to participate in the course as outlined and wish to become a member of this learning community.

_______________ (Date) _____

I agree to try to make learning relevant and exciting for students, to take their interests and needs into consideration when preparing class materials, to follow the written syllabus and communicate any changes in advance, to be available to students outside of class, and to create a learning environment which makes students want to come to class and learn.

_____________________ (Date)_____